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Protect your digital life with the VPN from the VPN SpyDog app. Not only does your IP address become invisible, ensuring complete anonymity online, but the world also opens up to you without borders. With VPN SpyDog, you gain access to blocked resources, whether it's news sites, streaming video, or social networks. Your freedom on the internet and security are now in your hands.

VPN SpyDog is:

Anyone who uses the internet and open Wi-Fi networks needs to use a VPN
We operate without registration and do not collect your confidential data.
Connection to VPN with no time limit. Use it absolutely for free!
A large number of servers in different countries, which are constantly being replenished.
We monitor the operation of our VPN 24/7 and are always available.
Access to all resources at any time in any country without restrictions.
The user-friendly app design allows you to get maximum protection and privacy with just one click.

Reviews about our VPN application

Here are some reviews from our clients about using the VPN SpyDog
I work in marketing and often need to analyze competitors' websites from different countries. Thanks to VPN, I can bypass geographical restrictions and access the information I need without any issues. It's been a real lifesaver for my job!
I study abroad, and it was challenging to watch my favorite TV shows and movies from my home country due to restrictions. With VPN, I can enjoy them again as if I'm back home. Plus, I feel secure when using public Wi-Fi on campus.
As a freelancer, I often work from cafes and travel a lot. VPN not only gives me access to the resources I need but also ensures the security of my data. I no longer worry about potential data breaches or hacker attacks.
John, Marketer
Alina, Student
Makhin, Freelancer

Pricing VPN SpyDog:

Maximum number of features in one tariff plan
Try for free
6 months
12 months
3-day free trial. No payment required. Cancel anytime. Afterwards, 7,49$ / month
Hide your IP. Be anonymous on the internet
Our server have high-speed access
Transfer traffic via encrypted tunnel
Large number of countries
We offer a large selection of servers in different countries
per month
per month
Payment for 6 months - 29,94$
Payment for 1 year - 41,88$

Frequently Asked Questions about VPN

We've gathered the questions most often asked by our users
VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tool for creating a secure and anonymous connection between your device and the internet. This ensures confidentiality and allows you to bypass geographical restrictions.